7 Days, 11 States: Day One

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Home (Oakville) – Nashville

Its 7am and we’re drained (definitely not from staying up until 4) and Sasha’s on the first shift for driving. We make our way through Southern Ontario heading for the Detroit border. Approximately 3 hours into the drive we reach the border, excitedly we make our way into the nexus line, as we are both cardholders, we were looking forward to getting across the border quickly.  Jokes on us apparently, one of us (Sasha) never actually activated the card. One-hour delay. When finally released from the border we make our way through 5 States (Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky & Tennessee) and finally (in 13 hours total, including border delay) reach Nashville, Tennessee.

While we were making our way through Kentucky we decided that was a good time to figure out where we were staying for the allocated 2 nights in Nashville. While Sasha was driving I arranged an AirBnB in East Nashville. We were set to stay in a private room in our host Brett’s home. Lets just say Brett is exactly the type of person you’d expect to meet in Nashville: southern charm, friendly, and very respectful. We felt comfortable in his home.

As exhausted as we are from the long drive (which surprisingly didn’t feel very long) we got ready and hit the town. Taking an Uber black SUV obviously, because alcohol. Night one in Nashville we hit up 3 bars, Tootsies, Honky Tonk and Tin Roof. Let’s just say it was a hell of a night, made new friends and danced like no one was watching (seriously, there were way too many people watching). Side note: if any of you actually know Sasha and I, you know that lots of dancing in public is something we should not be doing.

Post bar drunk munch: Lettuce, Turkey and mustard (on a budget, remember), (shit was seriously good though).











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7 days, 11 States: Intro

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With a week off and nothing to do, what better than a quick road trip? My friend Sasha and I each had one week of free time before our lives began this summer and we wanted to travel, but on a strict budget (we’re students, okay). So we thought we’d head south of the border with little to no plan. I mean, we had an idea of the destinations we wanted to hit but nothing booked, no hotels, Air-BnB’s or any other accommodation what so ever. So we thought it would be a good idea to bring a tent along (just incase)… also we put a mattress in the car (cause who knows where we might wind up).

Through this road trip (as noted in the title) we see 11 States, although we may not have stayed in all of these states we did at least drive through them at one point or another. The 11 States we see are as follows:

  • Michigan
  • Ohio
  • Kentucky
  • Tennessee
  • Georgia
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Maryland
  • Pennsylvania
  • New York

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