7 Days, 11 States: Day Three

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Nashville – Foster Falls – Ruby Falls – Chattanooga – Great Smokey Mountains

Left Nashville in the early AM (10ish) to get started with our busy day. It should be noted that our original plan for the day was just Foster Falls and then to the Great Smokey Mountains. Of course with a poorly planned road trip its unlikely to stick to any sort of agenda.

Foster Falls was a much easier hike than we thought but it was still beautiful. Post-hike we enjoyed a picnic of lettuce, turkey and mustard, and then headed out to the Great Smokey Mountains (or so we thought). On our way we saw a sign advertising for Ruby Falls, the worlds largest underground waterfall; sounds intriguing right? We thought so too. Off we went to Ruby Falls expecting a cave hike experience, turns out its a guided tour. Nonetheless it was very cool. While on the tour our guide recommended a restaurant in Chattanooga, so of course we had to check it out. We had the most delicious meals but what was the most delicious was the (literally 7 pound) carrot cake we shared for dessert.

Finally off to our original destination, the Great Smokey Mountains. On our way up we had a near-death experience with some elk, which we learned were a lot bigger than we expected. We were intending to camp this night; we drive up to the starting point for all the best hikes and arrive there around 12am, no campsite. Good thing we put a mattress in the car because that was our home for the evening.

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