7 Days, 11 States: Day Four

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Great Smokey Mountains – Savannah Charleston

We woke up in a PACKED parking lot, thankfully we put sheets over the windows of our mobile home (car). We enjoyed some cereal out of plastic cups for breakfast then headed out on a hike. We did two different hikes: one that lead us to panoramic views and another that lead up to the highest point in the Great Smokey Mountains. Successful morning to say the least.

Off to Savannah we went, about half way through the drive we decided we’d rather go straight to Charleston instead. So, when we were about an hour out we decided it was time to figure out where we were staying that night. We chose a hotel in North Charleston (oops – we later learned that this is by far the sketchiest area in Charleston). We tossed back a few four locos (in the States they are 12% alcohol) then off to the bars. The first bar we went to had a massive line but we were determined to get in. We walk directly to the front of the line and asked the bouncer if there was any way around it, he told us definitely not. So naturally we start mentioning we were Canadians (they eat that shit up there) and the people in the front of the line liked that and invited us to join them into the bar.. Yea the people in the back weren’t too pleased about that but we’re Canadian, sorry.

Sasha manages to talk a guy at the bar into trying a long pour (he lays on the ground and she pours the drink carefully in his mouth, in theory), she proceeds to absolutely shower the guy in beer, not what he was expecting but made for an amazing snap chat story.

Post bar drunk munch: Street meat – these heavenly cone shaped pita meat things with lots of garlic sauce, still to this day to not know what it was but omg, yum.


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