7 Days, 11 States: Day Five

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Charleston – Myrtle Beach

Started our day with sub-par complimentary hotel breakfast that consisted of one waffle maker and soggy yogurt, but of course it didn’t even phase us. Post-breakfast we made our way down to Charleston to explore, parked the car and took the town by foot. We walked along the water, visited waterfront park (beautiful), grabbed iced coffees and went along as our white-girl selves. Had lunch at a cute little place that made the most absurd deep friend chicken sandwich on a bacon waffle (yes, that is literally a waffle bun with bacon cooked into it).

Onto Myrtle Beach, with a short driven (2 hours) up the coast we reach the beach town, it feels like you’re in Niagara Falls on steroids, carnival rides everywhere and so much colour. We decided that we were going to age about 30 years for this night, so we got Thai food and ate it in bed (we got a cheap hotel) while watching a movie just before passing out early.

IMG_6197 IMG_5817

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