7 Days, 11 States: Day Six

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Myrtle Beach – Washington

IMG_1031Beach day. We got incredibly lucky with the weather, it was calling for cloudy skies and rain but all we got was blue skies and HEAT. So naturally we coated our selves in tanning lotion and laid out until we were a new race. Of course we swam in the ocean and threw around a rugby ball too, who can just lay in the sun for hours on end? Not us, that’s for sure, gotta toss some activity in there. We used this day as a relaxing day, really just hung out on the beach for hours, the carnival side of Myrtle Beach didn’t interest too much.

It was time to hit the road for one of our longer drives (6 hours) to Washington, but as usual it passed extremely fast. We made one pit stop for dinner at P.F. Changs (Sasha had never been) and it just so happened to be in a mall. After dinner we reorganized the car, changed out of our beach clothes and into warmer clothes (sweats, obvi). Then decided we should use the washroom (restroom to Americans) before hitting the road, the only washroom to use was the one in the mall. We then proceeded to confidently strut through the mall looking like absolute degenerates as we had just changed into all of our ugliest clothing, again didn’t phase us but we did get a few looks.

On the road again, we reached Washington in just a few hours. Parked our car on the street, prayed for no parking tickets and headed up into our AirBnB, no roommates this time.


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