7 Days, 11 States: Day Seven

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Washington – Home

No parking ticket! Praise Jesus. We take the car and drive it to downtown Washington, the only spot we could find had a two hour limit, so the only logical thing to do was see all of Washington in two hours.

We started at the White House, allowed some creepy old man to hit on us so he would take a picture of us together in front of Barack’s place. We then proceeded to take way too many selfies and headed south to the Washington Monument (which we called ‘that stick thing’ all day), took some absurd hand stand pictures in front of it and ran into our friend from The White House again, thankfully he just said hello and kept walking. Next was the Jefferson memorial, nothing too exciting tbh. Next we see the World War II memorial the reflecting pool and the Lincoln Memorial. Of course we took some selfies with Abe, Sasha even attempted to and succeeded at a face swap with the statue.

We did it! Saw all the important sites (that we knew of) in Washington and made it back to the car in pretty much exactly 2 hours. We added another couple cents to the meter so we could grab Which Wich sandwiches for the ride home. The one I got was pretty much the length of my arm, but it was amazing so the more sandwich the better.

We left Washington around 12:30pm; we were planning on making it home for our hockey game that night at 10:15. The drive (according to Google maps) should be approximately 8 hours, so we couldn’t afford much delay. We made our way through Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York then Crossed the border in Niagara Falls. Thankfully we had no border delays this time around. With a couple stops along the way we made it home by 9:30, grabbed our hockey bags and headed over to the rink.

In case you were wondering, yes, we won our game!

IMG_6249 IMG_6370 IMG_1037 IMG_1044

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