WanderlustWednesdays: Athens, Greece

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DO: Explore the streets of Plaka. It’s the oldest streets of Athens, vibrant at night and it’s labyrinth like streets are fun to explore.

SEE: You can’t leave Athens without venturing up to the Acropolis! Bring lots of water and get ready for a beautiful view point of the city. Expect steep hills and lots of tourists, but the view and architecture is amazing.


DRINK: At Brettos for cool cocktails, and a great atmosphere. Look for the colorful bottles!


EAT: Stamatolpolus Old Tavern – in the touristy neighborhood but a not so touristy restaurant with a cute garden, amazing Greek food, and live music.


PLAY: Go to the beach for the day and explore! We got great fresh seafood and was a nice break from of the city.


TRY: Feta wrapped in filo pastry and drizzled with honey and seasame seeds

STAY: Again, my friends and I were princesses and stayed at the Intercontinetal Hotel. Was a great base point though and in a safe area!


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WanderlustWednesdays: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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DO: Heineken experience – I’m not a beer drinker and I had so much fun. It’s very interactive and you definitely get your money’s worth with the beer tastings. Recommend going up top at the end to get a beautiful view of Amsterdam! Make sure you pre-purchase tickets (we bought ours from the reception at our hostel).


SEE: Red Light District at night – safer and cleaner then you would think…and you won’t find anything like it anywhere else!

DRINK: We had the best time drinking in our hostel, St Christopher’s Hostel. Met so many great people and they had pub crawls that we didn’t do but sounded fun!

EAT: Doner Kebabas and Vlaamse Fries from anywhere in Amsterdam is a must try.


PLAY: Rent bikes, pack a picnic and go around Vondel park! Also space cakes from the coffeeshops and the Rijksmuseum was a super fun idea…because ‘when in Rome do as the Romans do’ 😉


TRY: Fresh stroopwaffles in Albert Market, and waffles with ice cream and Nutella from anywhere. And hanging out at any coffeeshops.


STAY: St Christopher’s Hostel was awesome. Most comfiest bed I’ve ever slept in! Central location, free breakfast, and lots of fun events. Staff is all super helpful too.


WanderlustWednesdays: Mykonos, Greece

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Mykonos definitely lived up to it’s reputation as a nonstop party. Although I was only there for three nights, it will always have a place in my heart (trust me, my liver probably could not handle anymore). Playing and partying on this island should definitely be on your bucket list.




DO: Get lost in the windy streets of the Mykonos town – find amazing restaurants, shops, bars, late night drunk food, and more

SEE: The iconic Mykonos windmills

DRINK: Tropicana Beach Bar –rated the 2nd most popular hot beach bar in the world, a must do  from 4pm onwards – enjoy the sand side bar and great music…and if you get too excited and drink too much Grey Goose and OJ like my friends and I expect to be in bed passed out by 10pm. The party keeps going all night long though.


EAT: Pepper Gyros – a little hard to find in the windy streets of the town (especially after a few drinks) but best gyros in Mykonos

PLAY: Party and day drink on Paradise Beach – beautiful beach during the day and it turns into a party late afternoon. Be prepared to either spend a lot on drinks or make friends. We made friends with these awesome Aussie guys who had bottles on bottles and were popping champagne like it was no tomorrow (hence the champagne covered go pro pictures).



TRY: Swordfish Soulvaki from Captain’s in Mykonos town along the water, or Gelarte Gelato for Nutella crepes



STAY: Anywhere near the Mykonos town – we rented an Airbnb just steps away from the Mykonos town which is great for food, shopping and nightlife. And for the day you can bus to the beaches easily.


WanderlustWednesdays: Santorini, Greece

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Admit it – after watching the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Santorini, Greece has been on your bucket list. This magical island was my first stop last summer on my two month Europe trip (or rather Foodcation). It sure did not disappoint with the picture perfect sunset, sparkling blue water, and enough tzatziki and souvlaki to eat to your heart’s desire.


DO: Rent ATV’s and explore the island! Everyone does it and it’s the easiest way to get around and see the whole island.


SEE: Don’t leave Santorini without seeing Amoudi Bay! Spend the afternoon having lunch at Amoudi Fish Tavern, and then follow the corner around and find the perfect spot to relax, swim, and tan.




DRINK: At Two Brothers Bar in the village of Fira. Came back here twice, once for Happy Hour, with great selection of drinks and cocktails at amazing prices (two for one), and another time after dinner around 10pm; was such a blast, great music and lively atmosphere. They have a funny tradition where you wear a helmet and get hit in the head with a stick while doing a free shot.


EAT: At Pitogyros – cheapest and best gyros stuffed with French fries on the island! So flavorful and cheap for the amazing quality ingredients and portion size you get. Also try Amoudi Fish Tavern – it’s in the picturesque Amoudi Bay and has everything from amazing sundried octopus, greek salads with massive portions of feta and tatziki.




TRY: Mousaka – eggplant lasagna which is a surpriginly delicious typical greek dish

PLAY: Visit Amoudi Bay and jump off the cliff that the Sisterhood of the Traveling pants girls jumped off of in the second movie! Here is a link to a step by step guide on how to get there.



STAY: Near Fira. There are tons of amazing restaurants, shops, and more near this part of the island. Oia is the picturesque place to stay but is way more expensive and all the way across the island; you can always go visit Oia by ATV like I did!



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